Digital health is more than just a fancy app. It is a channel to look through the life journey of people, as they try to make sense of their hardships

Our vision was crafted from the unique experiences of people, even doctors, as they spoke about their challenges

With their permissions, we have shared their personal stories, so that we can create the right solution for you

(Their names have been altered to honor their privacy and stock images were used for illustration purposes)

Mama knows best

Mrs. Boersha’s mother is a strong-willed woman. She struggled to keep her family happy when she left Russia to raise her family in France.

When she suffered a stroke and had to be in a wheel chair, she depended on her daughter for her needs. It was a difficult time. Especially when she started developing pressure sores.

Mrs. Boersha tried to take her to her local GP but she doesn’t feel comfortable in the clinic. Maybe because her french is not so fluent or she doesn’t like to be seen in public in a wheelchair.

With a simple video call, she started talking with a licensed physiotherapist….who speaks Russian!

Her therapy will be difficult, but atleast she is happy to listen to a provider she can trust

Beyond Borders

Faisal was worried he might develop diabetes like his father

He tried to talk with many ‘online specialists’ but they would not properly explain the confusing medications

Faisal is a smart guy, maybe if someone would take the time to explain what each medication does and how to take them, he would be motivated to follow the advice

By telemedicine, he did find someone.

Not only was the physician a board-certified internal medicine doctor, he too had diabetes and knew how difficult it is to take medications

Together they would help each other. Even though they were 1200 miles away in different countries

Language as Therapy

Dr. Kim is a board-certified pediatrician, she enjoys working in the NICU

She realised how difficult it is for people from her community to ask difficult questions, possible due to the language barrier

Because she is fluent in Mandarin, many patients from the Chinese community feel at ease to speak to her about their health issues since there is a common cultural foundation

We also believe that choosing your provider should go beyond just insurance coverage and credentials, sometimes we feel empowered if we can openly speak in our mother tongue

Dr. Anywhere

Dr. Javier is moving to Europe to be with his fiancee. He is willing to give up his medical career in the US, just to be with her

He contacted us before he left and asked if there was anyway he can still consult online, while he was busy learning a new language so he can apply for a medical license in his new home

We asked him, ‘What makes a doctor? Is it the skills or the geography?’

Ofcourse we accepted his application

As long as a doctor is trained, skilled, certified and motivated….why should a change in address change your passion to help people?

Wherever you go, take your skills with you…

Are you ready to start your health journey?