How to Create a Stripe Account for VIOS Providers

Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guidance on completing the new Stripe account registration for healthcare specialists who are approved as VIOS Providers

Click on the image of the Stripe Dashboard or visit: Stripe : Register

new stripe account user registration page to apply as a vios doctor telemedicine provider for fast payouts and mobile digital payments from patients using viosapp

Visit the Stripe Registration Dashboard

Enter your email address

Full name

Select Country

Choose strong password (sample)

Doctor Online (Sample)

United States (Sample)


Verify your email

Open Gmail > Open message from Stripe > Click on verify email address link

Add business details to activate your account

Select Country: eg. USA

Home address (for billing)

Type of business: INDIVIDUAL


Personal Details

Full Name

Email address

Date of Birth

Home address

Phone number

Social Security Number (for users from other stripe-affiliated countries, they may ask for National ID or Passport details)

Business Details



Description: Remote online Professional consulting, counselling and second opinions for users requiring expert guidance for personal wellbeing and lifestyle management

Fulfilment Details

Most stripe users are third party distributors of consumer products, they have yet to integrate service-based KYC guidelines

Do you ship the products yourself? NO

Select > Within 2 weeks

Confirm Customer Statement Information

Statement descriptor: ViOS, Inc 

Shortened descriptor: Professional consulting services

Support number: +1(888) 8343025

Support address: 651 N Broad St., Suite 206, Zip 19709, New Castle DE, USA

Enter banking information

Select Bank or enter manually

Routing Number

Account Number

Confirm Account Number


Two-Step Authentication

You may select either SMS or Authenticator app

Review the information

Click Done

Your New Stripe Account is now verified!

The Stripe User dashboard & settings will display all the information of your account, banking details, earnings, key metrics and payments from ViOS, Inc.

The accumulated earnings will remain in this account, until you decide to select Payout which will transfer your funds to your registered bank (transaction fees may be incurred)

For more information & support for issues related to Stripe, you may visit their official support page