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Living abroad without medical insurance? Not a problem.

Want more control over your specialist choices, you need that extra level of clarity? Of course, you deserve it

We do not want to make your health journey complex with so many barriers.

We give you the power to choose your preferred provider, as an informed individual you alone know what you need from the healthcare sector.

Be free to select your doctor online, direct pay priority access to our exclusive provider network and convenient virtual care sessions scheduling.



Priority Access

No Apps

Easy Scheduling

“How does the VIOS APP work?”


Select Speciality


Direct access to our online library of board-certified healthcare specialists.

Select the icon that corresponds to the speciality that you are looking for

All available providers are individually verified by a strict selection process, so that they are best suited to provide you with an ideal virtual clinical management experience 


Select Provider Schedule

Select the date and time that is most suitable for you, or your family member

Active provider profiles display real time availability of the specialist, in a simple user-friendly calendar widget

For your convenience, the timezones of your chosen provider is automatically set. You can be in Dubai and set up an online consultation with an NHS Doctor in Birmingham!


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Pay Online


Secure online payment with all widely accepted VISA or Mastercard options

No need to wait for coverage approvals or confusing deductibles. Exact consultation fees are clearly labelled, and that is all that you will be charged for

No Hidden Fees | Transparent Pricing | Easy Direct Pay


Receive email confirmation 

Payment + Appointment

We will send you an email with the doctor appointment schedule, payment invoice and even a link to change the timings if you need to.

You are in full control of your health choices, including consultation times.


You will be notified of your upcoming appointment

Just click on the Zoom link

What can be easier than hearing a notification sound, opening your mail app and clicking on a Zoom link for your online doctor visit?

Start your session

Feel free to open up to your chosen provider

Tell them all of your worries and struggles, our providers are always happy to answer your health questions

The doctor is ready to give you their undivided attention. We do not ask for your personal health data, we want you to share your story with only your doctor. 


Need a Follow up appointment?

No problem, just check your email

We will send you a follow up link so you can schedule another session, at your convenience!