Where is the ViOs, Inc HQ located?

ViOS, Inc is Delaware C-Corporation incorporated on:

June 29th 2020

Our headquarters are registered at:

651 N Broad St, Suite 206,

Zip 19709, New Castle,



United States of America



What are scope of telemedicine services provided by VIOS?

Board-Certified Healthcare specialists from various countries (including those residing in the USA) can be connected by patients for beyond network out-of-pocket appointments through the company webapp. In the case of US-resident patients, they may only view and select physicians based overseas if they wish to (with MD or comparable recognised certifications). Overseas patients may in turn be able to view and select US-residing Physicians if similar experts are not available in their region.

All specialists are to be considered and reimbursed as independent contractors (setting their own availabilities). The essential scope of the communication will be based on non-diagnostic non-prescription consults for diagnosed chronic illnesses (ideally), behavioural/lifestyle modification counselling and remote second opinions based on oral/visual information provided by patients on a standard Zoom session. 

The Company and the Providers are not obliged to collect, compile nor alter patient data in any form unless submitted by the Patient by their own volition.

We wish to empower patients to make an informed payer choice, in selecting the right specialist and completing the direct payment process without unnecessary approval paperwork and other hassles to effective telecommunication.


Is your telehealth service covered by medical insurance?

Our virtual communication platform follows a beyond network direct pay method, which means we are currently not accepting third party insurance payer solution for our services.

We wish to empower patients to make an informed payer choice, in selecting the right specialist and completing the direct payment process without unnecessary approval paperwork and other hassles to effective telecommunication.


What are the patient selection criteria? Can any potential patient use the service?

Patients from around the globe may access and view the appropriate content from the Company website. However US-resident patients (from any state) may only view, select and interact with specialists based overseas. Overseas patients may view, select and interact with any of the contracted specialists including US-based physicians (from any state).

Our platform is purely a ‘cash-based’ out of pocket virtual setting, without the need for third party insurance providers.

Patients will have the opportunity. to choose their virtual provider by selecting the appropriate speciality and pay online via VISA or Mastercard options

Who pays for the VIOS Telemedicine session?

Our platform is purely a ‘cash-based’ out of pocket virtual setting, without the need for third party insurance providers.

Patients will have the opportunity. to choose their virtual provider by selecting the appropriate speciality and pay online via VISA or Mastercard options

Are my virtual appointment session secure and private?
We take user privacy very seriously. Private data is your own inherent property, and maintaining this protection is our true value.
Our ViOS platform does not collect any confidential health data from any of our users, we have no interest in extracting the private conversations you may have with our professional network.
The video session itself is also not recorded, so that your private conversation with your provider, remains private between you two



What will I benefit from VIOS?
The power of concierge-based consultations in a premium infrastructure is measured by the superior user experience from the moment you even ‘think’ about communicating with our professionals.
We guarantee absolute convenience in interacting with our services. In a few clicks you will immediately know who is your provider, how good are they, connect with them in and be assured of a world class personalised advice
Digital networks allow for premium convenience, safety, security and assurance to a better decision making.
Would you like to read about some stories of people who have benifitted from virtual care?
Read about their stories here


What is so unique about the VIOS platform?
We believe in valuable professional networks, where you choose who is most deserving of your trust
We created this trusted environment where you know what you are paying for, and are more than satisfied that you have truly invested in your health journey.
Our International network of specialists are experts in their field, and are literally just a few clicks away
Another unique value that we provide is the ability to connect with a preferred provider who speaks your mother tongue in many cases. Sometimes the best way to understand your pains is to have a conversation in a language you or your family member is most comfortable with.
Cultural sensitivity is a strong marker for value-based patient experiences
What kind of doctors do you have in the telemedicine platform?
The ViOS Network is harder to get in than Harvard!
Our strict policies prevent amateurs and sub-par persons from even entering the system.
Our healthcare professionals are distinguished experts in their fields. They have spent decades of their lives in acquiring the practical skills in treating the most common and dangerous threats to your daily life, and of your family.
We have specifically onboarded (and still onboarding) certified, qualified and registered professionals, who have globally-assured advanced degrees that have great value in ‘cross-border’ recognition in healthcare.


How will I know the VIOS Providers are qualified?
Our strict onboarding process thoroghly scrutinises the postgraduate training, relevant skillsets and even the bedside mannerisms of each and every provider, to make sure they are not just a good fit for our provider network, but also a good fit for your health needs.


What kind of health conditions can I discuss?
Some of most common conditions treated are, urinary tract infections, asthma, respiratory infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, allergies, cold and flu, sore throat, pink eye, sprains and strains, sport injuries, arthritic pain, insect bites, skin inflammation, rashes, vomiting and diarrhea.
Our infrastructure is uniquely geared towards an intimate conversation, counselling, consultation or even just a second opinion related to chronic illness management such as with heart disease, diabetes, hormone imbalances, mental health issues and others.
I have rash should I show it on camera, during the video session?

Due to the sensitive and private nature of the private video conferencing session, and the inability to ensure patient privacy and the presence of a chaperone, it is highly discouraged for any party to expose sensitive body areas for viewing.

An oral description by the patient is a better alternative to discuss the prior diagnosis made, to allow the provider to assess the information provided.

ViOS, Inc and affiliated entities do not condone nor allow for unnecessary exposure and visual examination of patient party by the provider, regardless of initial medical issue.

What are their diagnostic protocols? Meaning, when and how do they determine if a patient should go to the ER, Urgent Care or their PCP (as opposed to writing a script themselves or just advising the patient on what course of action to take by themselves).

Strict guidelines and disclaimer copies are displayed multiple times and at multiple sites (company website copy, email, chatbot conversations, social media content) educating and instructing the patient about our services based on non-emergency non-life threatening status of the patient prior to and during the scheduled appointment. It is clearly communicated that the sole function of the Company is for overseas based consults, counselling and remote second opinions. Specialists are also provided onboarding orientation and materials with clear instructions to not accept nor proceed with any interaction (even if scheduled) of their is clear and present health risk to the patient party. 

Are telemedicine providers allowed to practice internationally?
To ensure your peace of mind and personal safety as a global citizen, we have taken steps to train up and guide our professional network to communicate the practical steps to better care.
Health is not always about more prescriptions, sometimes you just need to have a talk with a specialist.
As we do not oblige our providers to prescribe online nor provide any ‘physical’ interventions to the digital patient, we are able to enhance our global reach by providing a counselling, consulting and remote second opinion solution to select patient populations.
As a patient, you are in control of your health-seeking decisions and ability to seek second opinions for an existing issue – from anywhere in the world by certified experts


How will I get my prescriptions?
On the off chance that you may need prescriptions, the providers may make a generic suggestion, however the responsibility of purchasing and consumption is upto the user in all its forms.
As a virtual telecommunications provider, we do not provide nor promote pharmaceutical (or diagnostic) assets to either party.
However our privately secured chatbox function may be used to clarify certain issues if either party deems it to be necessary


When do they write prescriptions and what specific drugs do they prescribe? Any narcotics?

The specialists providing the consult, counselling and remote second opinions are not instructed nor obligated to communicate any prescription orders to the patients, even if requested (eg. narcotics requests) in any form. Generic non-trade labels of medications or procedures may be communicated for the sole purpose of patient education only.

Can I meet the doctor in person?
If you are lucky to connect with a specialist who is actually residing in your area, you are more than welcome to discuss this with your provider.
Our services main goal is to develop the strong patient-provider rapport in a safe and convenient virtual setting.
With this digital conversation you may judge the ability of your provider in taking your care to the next level (if needed).


Where will you store confidential patient data?

The Company will not inquire, procure, collect, compile nor distribute private patient health data throughout the entirety of the interaction on the Company digital assets (website, chatbox, email, social media pages). All information provided by the Patient will be directly communicated with their preferred provider only during the scheduled Zoom session (whereby a post-session recorded link will be provided to either party). Oral history generated as part of standard patient health interviews will be assessed, inquired and analysed by their preferred provider only. Any other form of patient health data such as previous medical records/reports/prescription labels etc may be communicated via oral transcripts by the patient or displayed from the Patient’s side.

Is the doctor taking down any notes?
We ensure that we do not record the private conversation in our system in any way, there is no method for us to ‘peek’ at your prior conversations. And of course we do not require you to divulge personal health data even during booking.
Our providers are not instructed to take any digital notes and submit them to any party. Whether or not our provider chooses to utilise a draft template of any clinical notes is up to their discretion, if this act will enhance their ability to analyse the information gathered during the session.
A recording of the encrypted Zoom session will be made available to the patient and provider via their respective email only.


What kind of doctor do I need?
Navigating the healthcare system can be quite challenging. Especially for patients with chronic illnesses.
Each specialist is well versed in particular specialities related to certain diseases.
Our network hosts professionals who can help patients suffering from the most commonly occurring diseases in the world:
Internal medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Diabetes Care
Family Medicine
You can always ask your local healthcare professional who can advise you on what type of specialist may assist you from our platform.


I am not able to find a particular specialist
We apologise for your inconvenience, it is unfortunate that the provider you had been looking for is currently unavailable.
In our enterprise, we allow our distinguished professionals the freedom and autonomy to be online and available at their discretion, whenever they wish.
Perhaps due to this, the provider may not be free to login to our platform.
We hope that the next time you use the platform, you will be able to connect with the provider you had been interested in, or someone of similar calibre.
How can I make an appointment with a chosen specialist?
Currently our platform allows for ‘on-demand’ connections with patients and providers.
When you select a specialist grid (eg. Pediatrics) you may see a list of available providers who are experts in that field. They have created their own availability time slots using the calendar widget beside their profile image. Just select the appropriate time slot (dont worry they are all based on your time zones) complete the fees payment in the widget and then you will receive a confirmation notification in the website, email and also sms if you wish.
Just click the zoom link provided (via email or sms) at the time of the appointment and you may begin the session.
Click here to view the how-to section on the patient journey


I am not able to find a particular speciality
We apologise for your inconvenience, it is unfortunate that the speciality you had been looking for is currently unavailable.
Our current values are centered around providing specialised consultation for commonly occurring illnesses, especially related to chronic diseases.
Please stay tuned for updated coverage.


Can I use your services in an emergency?
Our remote digital consultation is designed for non-emergency conditions.
If you feel that your health status is in crisis, we recommend that you seek assistance from your closest emergency medical services.


I already have a primary care doctor, do I still need your tertiary level services?
Complex issues often require communication with many different types of experts.
It is possible that you may have a better understanding of your health needs and make better choices.


There is some difference in the advice my provider told me and what your providers have mentioned, what should I do?
It is understandable that messages between experts can be interpreted in many ways. The access to online information can also contain mixed messages too.
Even professionals have a challenging time keeping up with the latest data and practices, offline and online.
What we can advise is to collect as much information as you can from whomever is providing it, and try to judge which of the health advice is of the greatest benefit to you in leading a good life.
Will my child be able to use your services?
Digital communications are a sensitive matter for everyone, that is why we strongly insist that if anyone under 18yrs old requires a video session with our network, an adult caregiver initiates the interaction, makes the payments and is available during the entire session.
This situation is relevant for cases related to pediatrics, mental health counselling and child psychiatry as you wish.
How can I get a specialist to discuss health issues about my child?
Select Pediatrics (or Child Specialist) from the search grid
Have a look at which doctor is currently available in the calendar
Select their time slots for booking
Pay online
Enter your valid payment form detailsWait for a few seconds for the request to be approved
In a few moments you will receive an email confirmation of the scheduled appointment
And that’s it….your video conversation is secured and private for as long as you need. It may help if your child is present beside you if possible.
Click here to view the how-to manual to virtual visits 
What can I discuss with a Pediatrician online?

There are several pediatric conditions/topics that can be discussed in virtual pediatric consults such as :



-Speech concerns

-Growth and development concerns. Please have an up-to- date weight and height for your child prior to the session

-Feeding and Nutrition questions. Please have an up-to-date weight and height for your child prior to the session

-Questions about Infectious diseases


-Childhood Vaccines

-Mild acne


-Questions relating to long term asthma management, causes of acute exacerbations, and its triggers in stable patients

-Behavior concerns

The audio/video was not clear on my device
Apologies for this suboptimal experience.
Sometimes there may be a disturbance in the internet connectivity affecting your device or of the provider.
We recommend using trusted wifi connections for better video quality.
Just in case, we will look into that matter if you let us know by email – connect@viosapp.com and we can see if we can fix the situation on our side.


How long is the telemedicine session?
Here at ViOS, we want to give you 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted quality video session with your chosen provider.
If you would like a followup session, a supplementary calendar link may be provided in the email invoice or you may return to the Provider Search page and select the same provider again.


Can an another person join the session that I have booked?

To allow the provider to give you undivided attention to your health needs, it may not be a recommeneded to share your scheduled Zoom link with another person.

However, as you the informed patient, have selected and purchased the booking at your own discretion, you may decide what is the best way to experience the virtual session – even if you think that means allowing a third party (eg. an adult care-giver from another location) to participate in the private session.

Such an action may alter the doctor-patient relationship, therefore altering the privacy status of the virtual care session.

If you wish to proceed in inviting a third party on your behalf, it is recommeneded to communicate this to the provider as soon as the scheduled event is initiated, so as to clarify your direct decision in doing so.

How can I contact VIOS?
We are always eager to hear from our customers.
Send us an email at connect@viosapp.com and our CEO will try to reply to you as soon as possible.
My English is not that good, will I be able to communicate with the VIOS Provider?
Global Digital Health is a border-less solution for a global patient population. That is why we have. a particular interest in recruiting and onboarding specialist providers who are able to speak in multiple languages and are aware of various sociocultural contexts of most patients.
Is your service accessible from my country?
Our global values in enhancing access to professional help means that we are trying our best to incorporate our services to as many countries as possible.
We are motivated to bring specialists from most countries to help connect them to people anywhere and anytime.
I don't have wifi, can I use 3G?
Most online processes can still be functional on a strong 3G signal, however optimal experiences may occur if you use the Zoom app while connected to a trusted wifi signal.
How can I pay?
The professional fees can be purchased by our secured digital payment supported by Stripe.
We accept Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards available globally.
How can I get a refund?
If you would like to apply for a refund, just send us an email at connect@viosapp.com (with header: refund request) and briefly describe the issue.
As per our policy, we will assess each refund request and process them accordingly.
The following unlikely scenarios may give you an idea of our official position on refunds:
1) On an existing scheduled appointment, the provider wishes to alter the timing eg. postpone the session, you may choose to cancel the appointment at you end, at your discretion. You may be eligible for an 80% card refund
2) During an active session, connectivity issues affecting your signal will not be under responsibility of ViOS, Inc nor the provider. No refund is possible.
3) During an active session, issues related to signal outage, load shedding, force majeure and technical failures –  will not be under responsibility of ViOS, Inc nor the provider. No refund is possible.
4) If the professional experience of the session was not to your expectation, management will undertake an inquiry with relevant parties to assess any reasons for suboptimal quality services, if they exist. Each case will be assessed for its merit and full refunds may be awarded.
5) Actions taken or not taken by patients due to, as a result of, upon guidance of, implied from or any other independent interpretation from a provider session, will not be held accountable in any form to ViOS, Inc and any of the providers. No refund is possible.
6) If during an active inquiry by managment on a documented email complaint, any information pertaining to or referring to ViOS, Inc, the provider(s) involved or the session (eg. screenshots from patient side) is made available to the public via social media in any form. Management will cease further inquiry processes, refund processes and further communication from the agrieved patient party.
Depending on severity of action taken by patient party, ViOS, Inc is in its rights to proceed with legal choices in this matter.  
7) Technical issues, damages, misinformation and other suboptimal experiences caused by as a consequence of usage of third party partner products eg. Calendly, Hubspot, Stripe, Zoom will not be held accountable in any form to ViOS, Inc and any of the providers. No refund is possible. 
I have a complaint
If you would like to raise an issue, just send us an email at connect@viosapp.com and briefly describe the issue.

As per our policy, we will assess each complaint and process them accordingly.
Where can I get an invoice?
After every completed video session, we will send you an electronic invoice to the email you had used for the registration.
How can I get a followup appointment?
You may repeat the process by selecting the provider through the speciality grid, or you may click on the followup link sent to you by email
How can I report an error/bug?
you may notify us as well by sending an email to connect@viosapp.com and briefly describe the error you had experienced.
Rest assured we take quality very seriously, and your feedback will be forwarded to the tech team promptly.
I don't agree with the advice, do I have to follow the providers' recommendations?
You are in control of your life choices.
Therefore it is not mandatory to follow any instruction if you do not wish to.
We do not believe in enforcing health changes if you are not ready.
Give it some time, try to do your own research and maybe reach out to a different provider who may be available on the platform.
Do you have any promo/discounts?
At the time of this content being published, we have exhausted our limited supply of promo codes.
Stay tuned for any developments, we may release some more promos in the future.
You might get lucky!
Can my whole family use your services?
Actually yes!

You do not have to open a separate profile on separate mobile devices. With a single profile you can use our platform to connect with whichever specialist you require for any of your family members.

Each providers’ professional fee may differ.
I am using a medical wearable (eg. FitBit) should I use that readings during my session?
Currently we have not partnered with any medical IoT provider therefore any information generated by such devices, and communicated with our providers is the sole responsibility of the wearer.
To provide accurate biomarker readings eg. blood pressure, pulse and others we recommend that you are physically examined by an appropriately trained professional.
I don't feel any better after using your services
I know the feeling.
Sometimes you feel things are not changing fast enough.
Chronic illnesses are very slow and silent, the symptoms have taken a long time before you started to feel bad.
Similarly as your health becomes better or atleast under control, the feeling of getting better will take a long time too.
  • Just hang in there
  • Follow the advice
  • Try out different doctors if you need to
  • Take responsibility for your health
As long as you are motivated to lead a healthy life, the changes will follow 🙂
What kind of liability coverage do you have for the VIOS Providers?
We are under a variety of stringent insurance liability coverage provided by our entrusted third party small business insurance provider – HISCOX.
Any activity that occurs within the official platform of digital assets owned and operated by ViOS, Inc – website (www.viosapp.com) and official email communication via connect@viosapp.com are under coverage for:
-General Liability
-Profesional Liability
-Errors & Ommissions
Our maximum coverage is within $250,000 as per contractual obligations for 2021
How can telemedicine providers analyse diagnostic and laboratory reports?

If the provider requests for such information or if the patient voluntarily aggrees to discuss such reports, they may be uploaded via the chat box function in the Zoom app (on the patient side), a link to a third party data storage provider (eg. Dropbox, Google Drive) may be shared or the patient may simply display the report during the video session

How can telemedicine providers refer for diagnostic or laboratory tests?

The VIOS Provider may suggest that you go for a particular diagnostic or laboratory test, to enhance the differential diagnosis or the second opinion thay may have for your condition.

That suggestion may be communicated with the patient during the session or in the zoom chat box.

The patient may voluntarily undergo those tests at their originating site for a later followup, at their discretion

What if a patient experiences an adverse event during a virtual session, what should a Telemedicine Provider do?

Due to the logistic nature of Telemedicine, and especially since most of the sessions originate overseas, there is nothing practical that can be done in such a situation.

1) If possible the provider may communicate to the patient to immediately shut down the sessions (by closing the zoom window), and instruct the affected person to seek urgent help near them

2) The Provider should shut down the session by leaving the zoom meeting 

3) Note down the approximate date and time of the adverse event and communicate the details and nature of the event to ViOS, Inc via connect@viosapp.com – for the sake of appropriate documentation

4) Automatically both parties will receive the recorded meeting (up until the end of the meeting) via a recorded video link. It is advisable for the provider to keep the email in their inbox till further requirement if the need arises.

What if a patient experiences an adverse after a virtual session, is the Telemedicine Provider responsible in any way?

Due to the logistic nature of Telemedicine, and especially since most of the sessions originate overseas, there is nothing practical that can be done in such a situation.

The Patient has been clearly communicated the nature and practiclaties of the VIOS Platform via official content, social media messages and multiple points of engagement of official dosclaimer policies prior to initiating an online booking appointment with the provider.

Either partiers are not responsible nor obligated to pursue any communications, actions nor legal responsibilities in any form upon completion of each and every virtual session.

The Provider is instructed to provide only consulting, counselling and second opinions (eg. differential diagnosis) in an educational format to the Patient party. 

The Patient is not obligated to follow through with any advice communicated during a scheduled session in entirety, or partially as they choose not to. Actions taken or not taken by the Patient is solely done voluntarily and through no culpability of any other third party – PRoviders, ViOS, Inc or any affiliated partners.

What arrangements will be made for Telemedicine Licenses?

Due to the absence of confidential patient data storage, physical examinations, interventions and prescription processes, there is leniency in requirements for the communication-based education-focused interactions that are specific to the VIOS Platform.

However, a valid medical license in addition to the appropriate postgraduate training, is a prerequisite to assess the superior clinical expertise and skills capacity that is part of the Provider Network

Providers who have specific license-based regulations may not be permitted to provide services to certain populations – to preserve their liability coverage.

We are in close communications with various regulatory bodies and industry experts, to change our policies in response to any canges in legislations at home and abroad.

Should Telemedicine Providers get their own medical malpractice coverage?

It is recommended that every healthcare professional who wishes to pursue a career or a supplemental service in Telemedicine, be educated about the diverse regulations and licensing stipulations of their practicing state or country of residence.

ViOS, Inc and its assets are covered by corporate insurance coverage pertaining to activities and transactions that occur within our platform i.e. interactions within our website, social media pages, email and/or scheduled appointments with the founding team. 

Any and all transactions that occur on third-party platforms in any form may fall under separate jurisdictions that are independent from the aforementioned coverage.

The Provider is free to choose any supplemental professioanl coverage that they feel will confer an additional layer of professional security, separate and/or complimentary to existing coverage within our platform.

I is recommended that appropriate professionals with the legal expertise be contacted for counsel prior to any decision on the part of the applicant.

Are there any fixed shifts?

The Provider Network are purely on an independant contractor basis arrangement woth the VIOS Platform. Therefore we do not impose on a strict availability schedule. Our providers are free to come and go and set up their own virtual clinic timigs as per their choice.

How do VIOS Providers get paid for a Telemedicine session?

At VIOS we believe in gainful reimbursement and payment parity ie. the ability to earn a sustainable income based on the market value of their specialised skills.

All of our Providers will be reimbursed at rates above most market standards, to ensure the highest quality for their valuable time spent with our stakeholders.

Digital payments are the primary mode of transactions between users and the platform, and the methods of fast secure payouts to the Providers.

Our Global Payment Partner, Stripe has been instrumental in providing their robust financial infrastructure. tomake the professional experience as safe and seamless as possible.

This link will clearly highlight the secure payment process that our payment partner Stripe has provided for our network

Click here

Is there another way to reach out to patients outside of VIOS?

Activities that occur within our network are adequately covered by our liability coverage and providers will be reimbursed accordingly

Any transactions that occur beyond our platform is discouraged

How will you manage Patient Data?

To maintain sustainable data privacy and ease of use. VIOS will not inquire about private health data during the provider selection process. We insist on standard history taking clinical skills of the preferred provider to extract the relevant data only during the scheduled virtual session.

The Providers are not obliged to maintain any records (in any form) of the scheduled sessions

What kind of Contract do Telemedicine Providers have?

The entire VIOS Provider network is on an independant contractor agreement, to allow for greater career autonomy.

This means that each and every approved provider is free to set their duty timings as they wish, and also to come and go as they please.

For more information about the official Provider Agreement with ViOS, Inc, click here

Can Telemedicine Providers still practice with VIOS if they move?

The validity of the Providers’ skills and capacity will not be affected by a change of address or geography.

The provider is instructed to alter their availability and timezones in the Calendly account accordingly

For select situations, terms and conditions may apply

During an active meeting, I faced some technical difficulties for sometime, is there a way to continue the remainder of the session?

If you face some technical issues which causes the audio-video aspects to become suboptimal (eg. screen becomes blurry, audio is unclear or the app crashes), as long as you are able to log back in and either the patient or provider is still in the room, you may still be able to continue the remainder of the session.


You will still have a valid zoom meeting link in your email, for thet scheduled time period.


If your technical difficulties persist for much longer, or if the other party member is no longer present. You may submit an ‘incident report’ to connect@viosapp.com with some details of your suboptimal experience. For patients, we may be able to provide a partial refund so that you may be able to book another session to complete the consult.

Can the booked session be changed?

Absolutely, both parties may be able to change the scheduled timing based on their individual availability by selecting the appropriate links in the email confirmation message.

Can I get an online prescription refill with VIOS?

That request will not be officially approved within the VIOS Network. Due to differences in prescription medications, dosage, names, costs and other challenges, we do not allow for any discussions or obligations related to patient prescription changes, refills or other alterations without confirmation from the patients’ primary provider from their locality.

Where is the viosapp? What apps do I need?

Our virtual services do not require our own software aplications to avail the access to the provider network.

Both parties are required to have updated Zoom apps in their respective devices for optimal virtual experiences.


If you do not have Zoom downloaded or registered, you may do so from this link 

I live outside the USA? Can I still use VIOS?

The VIOS Platform is a global access digital solution, for easy access to any user with adequate technical literacy, stable IT infrastructure and appropriate personal mobile device, regardless of location of either party.

Non-US residents may avail VIOS Provider services as an expatriate in their current locality.  

Residents outside the US are welcome to choose their Provider based on current terms and conditions

How to Start a Telehealth Practice?

If you are a doctor or medical personnel and looking forward to starting your career as a telehealth service provider, you must focus on some significant aspects.


Set A Goal: You must set a goal before you start a telehealth service. You have to come up with a proper plan regarding how you will provide the service?


Choose an Option: Voice conversation is good, but video chat is a much better option. It would be an ideal decision if you can provide telemedicine service through a video call. There are so many options, such as Skype, Zoom, and others.


Make a Plan and Strategies: A proper plan and strategy are the keystone of anything, no matter what you do, and telehealth service has no difference. Prepare a strategy that covers almost everything regarding your telemedicine service.


Get Help from I Team: It’s okay if you face any issue regarding IT-related management. Therefore, you must get in touch with an IT expert team or even a person.


Enlighten Yourself and Your Patients: Virtual healthcare is booming worldwide—this one of the fastest spreading online doctor jobs in 2021. So, do some research about telemedicine services provided by others and learn from them. Focus on their failure, success, and make your way. Teach your patients about telehealth care and make them realise that virtual healthcare service is reliable and comes in handy.

I am a healthcare specialist, how can I start my own Telemedicine Virtual Practice?

We are glad to give you this amazing opportunity to join us. Starting a telehealth practice in our platform will not even cost you a dime!


All you have to do is to apply in our job portal and we can assess if we can be of value to each other


Good luck!

How do I set my virtual clinic duty timings?

Our online scheduling partner – Calendly is an awesome software product that will allow you to easily select which days and timings that you would like to be availbale for online booking.

Best thing about Calendly is that it syncs with your Google Calendar so that your preferred duting timings will not conflict or overlap with any prior engagements you may have.


Would you like to know more? Click here

As a VIOS Provider, how do I do I open a Stripe account?

Stripe is a superb user-friendly digital payment gateway that helps professionals collect their consultation fees, process payments from VISA or Mastercards and allow for fast payouts in most international banks.

Stripe is the offical payment processing partner for VIOS, so it is important for our providers to open a Stripe account in order to receive digital payments from anywhere and anytime.

Just click here to view the easy step-by-step guide to creating your own Strip account