Who/What is ViOS?

Who or What is VIOS?

ViOS is the world’s first priority access cross-border telehealth telecommunications platform. Made up of a high value network of industry experts with decades of clinical experience, connected by technology and uncompromising credibility in specialised care.

Who is VIOS for?

For beyond network coverage approach, so that patients who desire that added value communication with top-of-the-class board certified specialists. We want to allow direct pay options for patients to choose their preferred provider to schedule truly honest counselling, secure consultations and expert second opinions.

What will VIOS do for me?

You can enjoy hassle-free personalised guidance for complex, and often difficult-to-manage-alone health issues, that you or a family member may be trying to cope with.

Our exclusive Provider Network are motivated towards their life-long ambition for career autonomy, free from influence and interference.

Why Do I Need a Second Opinion?

The medical field can be very complex and confusing for you. Often your doctor may not have enough time to explain all the necessary details, to help you understand the seriousness of your condition, or of your loved one. Medical jargon sounds strange and medication regimens are so annoying.

With a little effort from VIOS, maybe we can help educate you on your choices, so you can make an smart informed choice on what to do next:

  • Is your condition permanent?
  • Were all the test dont to confirm? Were they even necessary?
  • Could it be something else?
  • What exactly does this medication do?
  • Am I holding the inhaler right?
  • Do I need the surgery? Will it be safe? 
  • Is there an expert who can guide me?

Our VIOS Providers are used to these types of questions in their practices, that’s why they are more than able to help you out.

How does VIOS work?

For patients, there is no other easier way for a completely hassle-free high quality digital health solution which can help you get in contact with the best doctors that money can buy.

You get to choose which provider that is best for you, according to their high grade clinical skills and training.

We have Direct pay options where you can easily book online and pay with your VISA or Mastercard, for convenient specialist appointments, from your home.

For highly skilled specialist, in search of more career freedom and the opportunity to have theor own online practice, VIOS is a zero-cost startup option to run your very own virtual clinic, at anytime and from anywhere.

How do I Sign Up to VIOS?

Patients gets a fast streamlined experience, without the annoying waiting lines, registration hassles and confusion with insurance coverage approvals – direct pay, direct access at your service

Doctors who have board-certified postgraduate training and extensive clinical experience in their specialist fields, will receive priority recommendations for immediate onboarding, free of cost!

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