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What is VIOS?

The healthcare sector is a complex and often expensive path to gain answers to your confusing medical diagnosis, long prescription lists, painful physical rehabilitation and the lack of a personalised care approach for many caregivers

There are many online healthcare apps and telemedicine services that offer various degrees of quality. There are concerns about doctor credibility, convenient online appointments to medical specialists and often hidden fees that your medical insurance provider may insist on not sharing with you

With VIOS, our dedicated provider network exists to serve you, and only you

With easy direct pay options and scheduling with our world renowned and trusted digital payment partner – Stripe, and our winning customer user experience professional scheduling API widget – Calendly; we offer you a premium beyond network online healthcare solution to connect with board-certified specialists of your choosing

We only work with tertiary level healthcare consultants and specialists, who are individually verified for their clinical skills, practical consultation knowledge and the dedication towards concierge-like attention to our premium value-centered patient population

We do not inquire about sensitive confidential health data from you, all conversations between you and your provider are sacred and secured with HIPPA-compliant guidelines. Our providers have decades of experience in unbiased, non-judgemental history taking and clinical analysis

You can directly view the availability of your preferred provider, pay the exact consultation fees online (no hidden charges) and attend your virtual session

From the comfort of your home, wherever you are

Is Virtual Care right for you?

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